Terms of Service

General Terms

  1. All bookings for our cleaning services and property inspections can be made online via Contact Us Page and providing us with all required details or by calling us at 0406 960 436. To arrange for a call back from our office, provide us with you name and phone number at the bottom.
  2. Arrival time scheduled originally is not guaranteed, since delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.
  3. Customer must clearly communicate any specific requirements or instructions to our service providers in order for us to provide the appropriate and satisfactory service.
  4. Pets must be removed, locked away or restrained on premises to provide our service providers with a safe work space.
  5. Any Customer must not directly or indirectly engage, employ or contract a service provider introduced by us for any service required for self or by any relative or friend for at least a period of 12 months after a service is provided unless a written consent to do the same is obtained from the company.
  6. We reserve the right to make any amendments to this list of terms at anytime.

Access to Property

  1. Customer must provide Clear and Unobstructed access to property and throughout the premises for our service providers. Failure to do so will incur a charge of minimum 2 hours at the hourly rate originally booked.
  2. Customer must also provide with details of any health hazards and dangers that may be there at the premises scheduled to be cleaned.
  3. Electricity and Running Water must be available at premises at scheduled time. Failure to do so will incur a charge of minimum 2 hours at the hourly rate originally booked.
  4. Parking for our Vehicle must be arranged for by Customer prior to our arrival at given address.
  5. When Parking is done following Customer’s instructions, all charges and/or infringements must be paid by the customer in Cash on completion of the job.

General Cleaning Terms

  1. Same Cleaner is not guaranteed to be sent everytime for the regular Home or Office Cleaning Service.
  2. All our Cleaners must be provided with a safe and secure working environment at all times.
  3. All rooms must be at a reasonable temperature at all times for a comfortable work environment.
  4. House exits must not be locked down while a Cleaner is cleaning your premises.
  5. Pets must be locked away at all times during work to provide safety for the maids, unless a cleaner agrees upon otherwise.
  6. Any obscene behavior / language, sexual advancements, and disrespect towards any of the service providers may result in instant termination of the service. We will not be held liable for any additional charges or loss to customer in such a case.
  7. If a cleaner feels unsafe or threatened in any manner, it may result in instant termination of the service at cleaner’s discretion. We will not be held liable for any additional charges or loss to customer in such a case.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

  1. Price of $69 for Carpet Steam Cleaning is for Carpet Cleaning of up to 3 standard sized room, which is roughly 10 square meters
  2. Minimum Charge for up to 3 rooms charged is $70 in all Suburbs in Melbourne Metro.
  3. Additional charges applicable for locations at more than 15 kms from Melbourne CBD 3000.
  4. Strong Stains must be individually treated instead of completely relying on carpet steam cleaning only.

Removal Service Terms

  1. Minimum moving charges applicable will be for 2 hours on the job and half hour (30 minute0 back to base charge.
  2. Time taken on job beyond the minimum applicable hours will be charged on half hourly incremental blocks.
  3. We do not charge any call out charges to come to a job. However this may be additional based on distance to a location. Please confirm this with our admin staff.
  4. Travel time between moving locations will be counted and charged within the hourly charges on the job.
  5. Travel back to the pickup location for any number of items left behind will be included in the hourly charge.
  6. Additional charge of $15 per trip will be applicable to use Toll Roads when transporting goods between places or travelling while on a job for the client.
  7. Payment in full must be made upon completion based on the total time it took on the job.
  8. All items must be checked and verified before the movers leave from the premises.
  9. Safe disposal of goods will incur additional charges to cover travel and rubbish tip costs.
  10. Zero Spot Services will not be held liable for any claims for any items damaged or missing once the movers have left upon completion.
  11. In case of non payment or when the movers deem right:
    1. We hold the right to confiscate the goods transported
    2. Charge in full upfront at the start of the job or prior to unloading of the goods
    3. Tranport the goods back to our warehouse for safe storage until the payment is made for the service. Note: Client will have to pay for thus associated additional costs for travel to storage, storage and delivery upon payment.
  12. We include Public Liability Insurance on all moving jobs
  13. Client must carry their own home and contents insurance and/or goods in transit insurance

Pricing Terms

  1. We reserve the right to alter any previously quoted price for our cleaning service.
  2. Prices quoted over the phone for End of Lease Vacate Cleaning, Builders Cleaning, or Stains Removal, are only an estimate for the job since physical inspection has not yet been done. All such quoted prices are subject to variation depending on the actual condition of the premises or the area to be cleaned, that will be determined on the day of the cleaning or by a prior inspection appointment.
  3. For all hourly prices quoted for cleaning services, charges start from the time we start cleaning at your premises, or as otherwise quoted and agreed upon at the time of booking.
  4. Minimum of 2 hours will be charged for all hourly priced cleaning jobs. Additional time on job will be charged on half hourly increments, or as otherwise agreed upon.
  5. Extra Travel Charges may incur for distant located addresses where cleaning service is required.
  6. Client will be liable to pay in Cash on the same day for Travel Costs for property inspections to provide Quotes for our services. This may not be charged if service is availed on the same day or otherwise agreed upon.

Payment Terms

  1. All cleaning jobs must be paid for in Cash unless otherwise agreed upon.
  2. We reserve the right to be paid in advance at the start of any cleaning job.
  3. All End of Lease Cleaning jobs must be paid upfront prior to the start of cleaning works. This should be at the final price quoted upon inspection or be determined by the cleaners on the day of the booking upon arrival.
  4. If customer can not be present on premises at completion of cleaning service, payment must be made in advance via Bank Transfer, and we must be provided with a valid deposit receipt.
  5. If payment if agreed upon to be paid via Bank Transfer/Deposit, Customer must provide with a copy of Transfer Receipt upon payment.
  6. Cheque Payments must be made payable to Zero Spot Cleaners.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Services Cancellation or Re-Scheduling must be done in no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time for service.
  2. Customer will be liable to pay for a minimum of 1 hour for Cancellations made in less than 24 hours from the scheduled time.
  3. Cancellations made on arrival of cleaners at given premises location, will be charged and payable by the customer for a minimum of 2 hours at the hourly rate originally booked.
  4. Cancellation of all End of Lease Cleaning jobs in less than 24 hours from booked arrival time or on arrival will incur a minimum charge of $200.
  5. Cancellation charges must be paid in Cash on arrival, Bank Deposit or as otherwise arranged.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse any job on arrival or during the works if the property condition is found to be dangerous to the health and well being of our cleaners or the cleaners do not feel safe and secure for any reason during the works. We will not be held liable for any additional charges or loss to customer in such a case.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any booked cleaning service in case of any contingencies that may occur. We will not be held liable for any additional charges or loss to customer in such a case.
  8. We encourage a friendly work atmosphere and appreciate a friendly and respectful behavior to all our male and female cleaners at all times. Obscene language and disrespect may result in instant termination of booked service.


  1. No refund claims will be considered once the service has been completed and our cleaners have vacated the property.
  2. We offer Free Repeat Cleaning for all End of Lease Vacate Cleaning Services to ensure full Bond Back. However, we take no responsibility for any claims after more than 2 weeks (14 Days) from the date of cleaning completion.
  3. All items of furniture must be moved to make appropriate work space prior to our arrival. Additional Charges may incur in case of failure to do so. We will not be held liable for any damage that may occur during helping to move the furniture around the house.
  4. We make all efforts to not to break or damage anything on job. However accidents may occur. it is therefore recommended to store away all items that can break or hold monetary/sentimental value including cash, jewellery, antiques, artwork or other valuable and fragile items. We will not be held responsible or liable for any damage that occur if failed to do so.
  5. We will not be responsible for the existing damage to client’s property that can not be cleaned or repaired by our team.
  6. It is recommended to keep all your appliances and various areas of your property cleaned and maintained periodically. Failure to do so results in stains and residue that can not be cleaned using standard methods. We will not be responsible for any such damage.
  7. It is adviced to not to place any furniture or walk on carpet that is not completely dry after the cleaning is performed. We will not be responsible for any damage if failed to do so.