Floors Strip and Seal Melbourne

Floor Strip and Seal Melbourne

Floors Strip and Seal Melbourne

Floors Strip and Seal Service in Melbourne for Vinyl, Hardwood, Tiles and Concreted Floors in all Suburbs surrounding Melbourne Region. These floor types are undoubtedly more practical and durable for commercial spaces and most areas in a residential place too. However, despite being tough against many, they are still prone to wear and tear and accidental damages from time to time that they shall be protected against.

Sealing the floors with latest non-toxic sealers is the best method to protect these hard and durable floor types for them to shine and last long. You can choose from Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Matt type sealers. Speak to one of our technicians for the best shine sealer suitable for your floor type and the area.

It is important to understand that the sealers applied will protect your floors against all knocks and scratches that would otherwise can easily damage the floors. Over a period of time depending on the amount of traffic the floor gets, the sealer can show signs of wear and ageing. This will be a time when an old sealer will be required to be stripped and a new sealant be applied by a Floor Strip and Seal Professional with the right equipment, chemicals and knowledge.

Strip, Seal and Restore Floors in Melbourne – ZERO SPOT

At Zero Spot Cleaners, we have the technicians with experience and expertise in handling those tough Strip and Seal tasks for all different types of residential and commercial floorings and give it a new extension of life. Applying the right sealer on the floors not only make them look better in everyday use in comparison to non sealed floors, it also adds a protective layer to withstand scratches and other possible accidental damage that can occur.


Priced from: $8 per sq. mtr.

 * Price may vary depending on the size of the area and scope of works.
 * We may be able to make an inspection appointment for quotation.
 * Please call to further discuss with our executive.

Price and Process Includes:
* Stripping the floor of existing worn out sealer
* Cleaning / Neutralising the Floor for fresh sealer
* Drying out the floors before fresh Sealer is applied
* Determining amount of foot traffic in the area and appropriate sealer coatings
* Coats of Fresh Coats of appropriate Sealer to be applied
* Buff the floors to produce High Gloss Finish, where required



Q. How long does the Floor Strip & Seal process take?
A. It will depend on the size and condition of the floor area and number of sealer coatings you would choose to get for your floors. Scope of works in cleaning and preparing the floors before applying a fresh coat of sealer also makes a difference to the time it may take to complete the process.

Q. Do you charge by the hour or by the square meter?
A. Floors Strip and Seal charges are based on the total square meter area. Further variations to the standard prices may result due to the condition of the floors, sealer grading, number of coatings and any other additional prep or other work involved.

Q. Do you need to inspect the area to provide a quote?
A. Since the prices are based on total square meter area, we can certainly provide you with an estimate over the phone with any relevant details. However any variations can only best be advised upon physical inspection. Speak to one of our executives to check for an available appointments for our technician to visit site to quote on.

Q. Do I have to prepare the floor surface beforehand?
A. Floor preparation mostly involves ensuring that all the furniture and big stuff and any rubbish is moved away from the area to be stripped and sealed. You can certainly do this before our team comes out for the works. The team will come prepared for any further works to be performed.

Q. What machines and chemicals do you use?
A. We use latest in technology floor scrubbing machine to strip the floors combined with verified non-toxic stripping chemicals and sealers that are safe for environment and your residential and commercial places and that will last long on your floors.

Q. How long after Sealing, can we walk on the floor?
A. Sealer on the floors may dry out in 4 to 5 hours roughly or earlier. This may vary depending on the ventilation in the room or the area where the floors are sealed. We can bring and install some commercial graded high speed air blowers to quicken this process.


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