5 Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Manage Your House Better

Life is tough these days and no matter how much we try to devote time to each and everything, we are always left with something missing. Cleaning and tying are the first things that fall by the wayside. We are so much busy with work, school, college and anything that comes in between making it impossible to clean the house daily or at regular intervals. So we have come up with 5 simple tips that will help you in handling the chaos and will make a huge difference in maintaining your home and removing the extra mental clutter that you have to carry every day

  • Let’s Start With Bedroom: Tip 1

This might seem like a very small task but your daily routine starts with it. Making a bed is something we don’t take seriously most of the time but it managed correctly, it can make a huge difference. Tugging the fitted sheet nug, resetting the pillows and smoothing the blankets/quilts will not only make your bedroom look better but also add a sense of positive vibe to start the day. Also, end of the day, when you’ll enter your bedroom you won’t have to struggle with rumpled, messy sheets. Follow it daily as a start to better living

  • Clean The Kitchen and Wipe Down The Benchtop: Tip 2

After Dinner, it really gets tough to bring in the thoughts of cleaning the kitchen or wiping the benchtop. It seems like a trying task and we usually end up telling ourselves “I’ll clean it later”. Before we know it, it’s already too late and the kitchen remains a mess. So rather than delaying it, we should devote at least 10-15 minutes daily to clean the kitchen that involves wiping up the benches and stovetop, collect garbage & wash utensils before it becomes a mission impossible task. Not only will it help in keeping the kitchen clean & tidy but you can relax thereafter guiltfree. As one of the most trusted end of lease cleaners of Melbourne,  we do our best to instruct our clients to manage things in a planned manner making it possible for them to keep away from diseases and harmful bacteria.

  • De-clutter Efficiently – Tip 3

We never have the intention to leave the things messy but quite often things usually don’t end up back where they belong after use. Shoes, clothes, handbags and other bits spread all over the house making the place look untidy. Instead of grabbing one or two things from here & there and returning them to the right place, make use of laundry bucket and collect all the items altogether so that you don’t have to manage things one after another. Start with the living room, grab everything that doesn’t belong there and shift the items to their rightful location.Then switch to the bedroom and repeat. Allocating 1-15 minutes to decluttering will make a huge difference to the tidiness of your house.

  • Dishwashing Each Night   – Tip 4

Dishwashers were designed to make the things easy for you. It is water-efficient and saves a lot of time. Washing dishes by hand every night is not every man’s cup of tea. So spend some time with your dishwasher and let it de-complicate the dishwashing task for you. A quick cycle will make use of less water and moreover gives you the mental peace of clean and tidy kitchen.

Lets Move To The Most Important Thing

  • De-cluttering the Bathroom – Tip 5

Keeping the items on bathroom countertop items limited to soap along with a canister that can hold your toothbrush & toothpaste. Everything else should go into the bathroom cabinet as it will make the bathroom look organized and clean. Keeping the items of less use in a small basket or bag makes it easy to find saving a lot of time that can be utilized in other important tasks.

During our end of lease cleaning Melbourne routine, we many times notice that things are mismanaged which makes the place look crowded and dirty. We always instruct our valued clients to follow these basic tips to save time and have a clean and neat home

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How to Find Professional House Cleaning Company?

how to find professional house cleaning company

Cleaning companies are good friends to keep around, especially when you are moving from one house to another. There are various things you might need to take care of during the moving and shifting process, and you cannot take care of cleaning your house either!

It is of dire importance to find the correct team of professionals and the correct professional house cleaning company for your apartment or house when you leave.

How to Find Professional House Cleaning Company?

Here are the things one must bear in mind before choosing a company for cleaning their apartment or house:

  • Search Online: Internet has every little detail on everything you want to look for or search. Do you want cleaning company for your house, you can look it up. And if you cannot find their website, you will definitely find some article or review about the company you wish to hire. Go to the company’s website if you can, to know what services they provide.
  • Read the reviews: No company should be hired without reading the reviews. Reviews give the reader an idea of the company they are browsing. A reputed company and team of professionals will indisputably have good reviews and good feedbacks. However, the opposite can be said for those companies which do not offer a good service. Never underestimate a user’s review, and make it a point to read every review you can before you make a choice.
  • Call and Get a Quotation: Researching is only the beginning. The next thing that you need to do is to get in touch with the company of your choice. Visit them if you can, or a simple phone call would do. Get a price for the work you need them to do and ask for any other thing they could do for your house and cleaning.
  • Ask Everything You can: Before concluding your search for a professional cleaning service, make sure that you ask every query and question you have in mind. Ask about the products they will use, the methods they will deploy to get rid of the stubborn stains at your house and how long they will take to finish the job, before signing a contract. Also, ask specifically who will bring the cleaning products, most cleaning companies bring their own, but it never hurts to ask.
  • Set a Trial Period: It would be a wise decision to set a trial period for the services of the cleaning company you choose in the end. Such trial periods will allow you to take notice of the efficiency or the inefficiency of the cleaning company before you hire them. If the company’s services are not up to the mark, you can simply ask them to leave and look for another cleaning service provider who will work properly on your property and give a good quality of service to your place.

It has always been said that it is the tenant’s duty to get rid of stains and other problems. With the help of a good cleaning company, you may get your entire security deposit back.

At Zerospot, we offer you and your place nothing but the best. From cleaning stains to cleaning your carpets, we offer reliable and reasonably priced services.

At Zerospot, we understand your need for cleaning, and we offer you impressive quality of cleaning services in no time.

With a team of experienced professionals, we offer you an expert cleaning for your end of lease term cleaning, and we leave your place spotless!

Choose Zerospot and its cultivated team of individuals if you are searching for reliable End of Lease Cleaning.

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Know How to Remove Cobwebs Outside House

know how to remove cobwebs outside house

Cobwebs make your home old and dingy. They are found in corners and also around the area where the wall meets with a ceiling. One can find them around ceiling fans and over hard and solid objects.

Cobwebs are also found in tight spaces somewhat between the crack and within appliances or in staircases. Excessive lights make things worse that is because spiders are attracted towards lights. Nobody likes them, so it is important to have a good tool to removing cobwebs easily.

Cobweb and spider both originate from the same source, but there was some difference between them. A cobweb is the leftover miscellanies of a lengthier used spider network. When a spider dies or moves on to another fly-filled locale, the web remains and finally deteriorate as it collects dust.

The biggest question comes from others as to how do you get rid of spiders outside your house? – The answer is very simple to keep your house clean and simple. This would surely minimise the same from the locations.

There are various kinds of home remedies that can be well applied to removing any cobwebs:

  • Broom method: A most commonly recommended method for removing cobweb is to seep them away with a broom. You may get some success with this method. Most of us use our brooms for sweeping floors. Sweeping ceiling and walls with regular floor broom will replace dirt marks in their place. Broom is pretty long, and allow one to reach ceiling heights. Even one can reach the corners, behind the cupboards and places where such cobwebs can persist well. Broom is basically an instrument to solve all issues in terms of problems for all – only in terms of web removal.
  • Vacuum Method: A highly recommended method for such issues is to use your vacuum cleaner. This process works magically. It requires electricity and cord management. Moreover this is highly acceptable to the modern families – and moreover – the cobwebs get withered away with this kind of system. Do check the same method today.
  • Cloth method: This is also recommended that is wiping with a cloth. Duster or cloth is mostly used in this process. Using any sort of cloth to remove cobwebs, essentially pressing the dirt down against the ceiling or wall. Cobwebs coated with oily dirt and dust can well be removed smoothly without any disturbances. Check many manuals to clean up such kind of cobweb removal process today only.
  • Use bleach and water: The method is to mix bleaching powder and water together and spray on the affected area. Within a few minutes’ cobwebs loses its ends and falls down. This is the perfect method of killing the spiders, its web, and its eggs too. Moreover, it is advisable to add hot water with the powder so that things can be done well and the clean outcome might come.
  • Vinegar and also coconut oil mixture: this mixture must be regularly sprayed on the webs and corners – it is a fact that vinegar acts as a spider repellent letting the spider return back to the own state.

The above methods are very simple and very useful for preventing cobwebs outside one’s home. While using these methods is careful it can damage your walls too. There is a number of other products too are available in the market just to remove cobwebs specially designed for corners and behind cupboards too. One can well take help of such kind of products and use the same.

How to prevent spiders from coming back

It’s a very tough question to answer how do I prevent cobwebs? Because it’s not a simple task. You have to eliminate all the food sources of spiders. Bugs are attracted by the lights and this is the most loveable food which spiders like.

One can well select yellow décor and lights as inserts often try to avoid the shades and this pale light. Darker colour also tends to attract few insects than other. If one cleanses the portion of the house and walls daily the cobwebs get brushed up.

This is due to the regular wiping and cleaning. Paint roller and duct tape also can be used as cleaners. Spray harmful insecticides for cleaning off the cobwebs and also this spray removes all the insects from any arena of the house. Leaving the house clean and fresh as before.

One must note the fact if the house is not free from insects then wealth and prosperity too ever stays. Finally, it is well-recommended fact that preventing cobwebs outside is the most for all families who love to be happy and prosperous ever after.

Clean your walls, sofa sets, TV shutters and window panes regularly to get rid of such issues from the house. Bring brightness and happiness to your home.

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Timber Floor Cleaning in Melbourne

Timber Floor Cleaning Melbourne - After Builders Construction Renovation Cleaning

Timber Floor Cleaning as per the set of images shown here are from the after renovation cleaning done at a 300 square meter ball room in St Kilda in Melbourne. The results were outstanding after removing the plaster dust from renovation works that could not be removed by multiple rounds of mopping and scrubbing with hand.

A team of Zero Spot Cleaners with all their gear, chemicals and expertise took a day to clean the flooring as visible and came back for final touches of the clean to complete the job taken up. Similar results are also achieved on other hard floor surfaces.

If you have a timber flooring or other hard surface floors that has not been cleaned since a while or will require cleaning after some renovations at your place, please do not hesitate calling 1300 Zero Spot or 0406 960 436 and talk to one of our executives about it. We will be happy to assist.

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Carpet Cleaning Shrinks Carpets – A Myth

For a long time, many people are convinced that getting the Carpets or Rugs Cleaned by any of the professional Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning methods will actually shrink the carpets and pull it off the walls making it look ugly.

Its a complete Myth.

Carpets and Rugs are made with completely natural fibers or synthetic mix. Cleaning with any of the professional methods will give the carpets and rugs a good wash and clean that they are due for and bring out the pristine looks you miss.

We at Zero Spot Cleaners use only Non Toxic Chemicals that are not at all harmful for your carpets, rugs, any other fabric material or your environment and also further adds to a better clean that we come out for.

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DIY Home Cleaning Can Be Fun

It may not be possible to carry out the entire cleaning process of your residential apartment in a day. It may not be possible due to shortage of time as well as tiredness. The best way to keep your house clean is to do one thing at a time. There are different types of cleaning tasks. It is not about the basic cleaning part. That can be handled using a vacuum cleaner. But when planning for a detailed cleaning of the house interiors, then take one area/room at a time. Get it completed in a day and then focus on the next part the following day.

Call us at 0406960436 or 1300 Zero Spot to to hire professionals to do it for you.

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Carpet Cleaning Tarneit Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Steam Cleaning Tarneit Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Steam Cleaning Tarneit Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning with our professional Steam Cleaning Carpet Extractor machine was done for the client in Tarneit area of Melbourne, VIctoria in December 2013 while she was preparing her premises to host a family and friends coming together over Christmas.

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Car Cleaning Fitzroy Melbourne

Car Cleaning | Car Upholstery Steam Cleaning Fitzroy Melbourne

Car Cleaning | Car Upholstery Steam Cleaning Fitzroy Melbourne

Amy had spilled some fish oil on her front co-driver’s seat and the strong smell was making it almost difficult to ignore it while driving. We serviced the unit twice ensuring the cleanest it was possible and recommended some deodorizing method to a refreshing interiors for all passengers.

There is Amy on the left enjoying a relaxing time sitting in the middle of the closed street watching the car cleaned from a new perspective. Amy appreciated the service very much.


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Carpet Cleaning St Kilda Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning | Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaning St Kilda Road Melbourne by Zero Spot Cleaners in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning | Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaning St Kilda Road Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning of 2 Bedroom Apartment at St Kilda Road Apartment near Melbourne CBD done by Zero Spot Cleaners on 22nd of October 2013 with great visible results much appreciated by the client when he inspected the final results before paying for the job.


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