Zero Spot Cleaners' Melbourne Cleaning FAQs

Zero Spot Cleaners Cleaning Melbourne - Cleaning Services FAQs

How early can you organize the cleaning to be done at my premises?

We have a few teams located in different regions cleaning far and wide in Melbourne Suburbs. This makes us available at almost the time slot you wish to get the cleaning done.

However, please check with one of our executives at the time of making a booking for whether the time slot that fits your schedule is available or has been taken from before.

What effects the prices quoted over the phone or email without inspection?

The condition of your premises is un-inspected at the time of quoting the approximate prices over the phone or email.

Prices quoted for straight forward Steam Cleaning of various non removable fabrics are fixed and you will be informed of what may cause the variation on arrival. Some 'Stain Removal' procedures may add to the prices.

Prices quoted for End of Lease Cleaning are for standard sized houses or apartments excluding cleaning of blinds and balconies since they are not standard in every residential premises in Melbourne. Cleaning of Balcony, Blinds & much larger living rooms or other areas of the house may cause variation if the same is not previously mentioned while taking the quote and making a booking.

Do you offer 100% Bond Back Guarantee with your End of Lease Cleaning?

Yes, the End of Lease Cleaning services rendered in all Melbourne regions come with full 100% Bond Back Guarantee.

We follow an extensive list of areas around the house that require cleaning which matches & many a times exceeds the list that may be provided to you by your estate agent with your vacate pack.

However, due to human error, if some parts of your premises are looked over and are noticed by your agent, please get your agent to provide us with a list of what needs further attention and the same will be attended to at the next earliest time slot available.

What is the difference between Dry Cleaning & Steam Cleaning of Carpets?

Dry Cleaning will leave your carpets dry instantly after the cleaners have finished the cleaning process with the machines used. Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning (as most commonly referred to) will leave the fabrics damp on completion.

Dry Cleaning is most commonly recommended for high traffic areas where cleaning is required more frequently and the premises can not be closed for half a day from public access. Steam Cleaning is much deeper on the fabrics in areas and places the use of which can be avoided for upto 6 hours after cleaning.

Much further difference between the two can be found online on various blogs where people have voted for Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction to be a better cleaning process than dry cleaning. You can look for the same in your own time and decide for yourself. We only provide Steam Cleaning Service.

What Melbourne Suburbs do you offer your Cleaning Services?

All our Cleaning Services are rendered in all Suburbs in Melbourne Region with equal professionalism putting our experience to use to make sure to maintain a records of 100% Satisfaction with our Cleaning Services at all times.

For a details list of Suburbs we serve, Click Here.

If your Suburb is not listed on the page, we may have mistakenly missed it out. Please feel call us at the numbers provided at top to discuss with us.

Do you offer a price match with other quotes I have got?

Every cleaner and cleaning company has their own costs and price points to maintain the levels and standards of service they offer for their clients.

A service man may have to compromise on his on service quality while matching another company's quoted price. We thus, to maintain the standard of our service do not offer any price match without our customer knowing about the element of compromise that may not be noticed other than by ourself.

Do you offer the Same Day Cleaning Service?

We do offer the same day cleaning service if your previously booked cleaners have ditched you or the cleaning service is required in an urgency due to any kind of unforeseen reasons.

If you may require the same day service for any kind of cleaning options we offer and have listed on our Cleaning Services page, please call us on one of the given numbers at the top instead of sending an online booking that goes to the email server and may not be attended to immediately.

Why are there still stains & hair on my carpet after steam cleaning?

Steam Cleaning of Carpets is a process to wash up the carpets by spraying detergent and disinfectant first, then applying water on high pressure and picking up all excess water with a high pressure wet vacuum.  It removes enough dirt from the carpets that can not be removed otherwise with a vacuum.

Hair can be removed otherwise with a special vacuum with a roller and stains removal require treating every stain individually.

Do you follow an End of Lease Cleaning Checklist?

We certainly do have an End of Lease Cleaning Checklist that is freely provided on our website for public reference and all our cleaners are specifically instructed to duly follow the checklist to ensure all items there in are cleaned.

This can be viewed at our End of Lease Cleaning Checklist page.

For further ease in acessing the page from the top menu bar, go to:
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